On Apps, is Not Responding to a Smile, Tap or Woof Acceptable?

  • As I browse through apps and hookup sites I occasionally see someone I'm interested. Sometimes I just want to comment on his profile; usually it's a compliment. I will usually drop a brief note or use the app's smile, wink, grope or other feature to get things started. Most of the time this goes unanswered. I used to bitch about it thinking the least they could do is say thank you. I do; I have manners, why can't they?

    After a while I realized that when I would simply thank a person for doing the same to me, my courtesy was often followed with scores of personal questions or comments, none of which I was interested in answering or reading. I just wanted to say thanks. I often found myself befuddled trying to find a way to end the conversation politely and let him know I wasn't the fuck interested in him and please shut the fuck up and go away. Okay, a little overstated, but you get my point.

    Now days, if I'm not interested I simply let the compliment, smile, grope, wink, or whatever go without acknowledgement. It's just easier that way. Written comments or messages are a different story; it just depends on the guy and what was said.

    Also, when I send a smile, wink, etc. to someone and they ignore it, I've learned to be OK with that. I simply mean it to understand they aren't interested. I don't take it personally.

    I'm interested in hearing about your experiences and thoughts on the matter. What do you guys think and what do you do?

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    Bi0nicBadger I have similar opinions about such apps features. I find I use this feature to acknowledge ap person, or throw a flirt their way. I often find I use this feature as an alternative to actually saying something in my own words. If I receive such a poke, if...  more
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