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SACM4M's position on sexual behavior and socializing during the COVID-19 pandemic is that social distancing is the right and responsible thing to do to prevent spreading this horrible, life-threatening, and highly contagious virus. SACM4M discourages random sexual encounters for the time being and encourages you to reconsider your sexual behavior to protect yourself, your friends, your family, and others. We are social beings and this will be difficult for all of us to endure, but we will get through this. Until then, please make use of SACM4M's features to share, socialize, help, encourage, support and love one another.

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Travis Hollister


It's Free

While other sites and hookup apps charge you a fee for premium features, SACM4M lets you have it

No Slut Shaming Here

Belong to a community where everyone shares a common belief; that our sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, that an active sex life is a positive contribution to our wellbeing.

Feature Rich

Post a video, create photo albums, create your own blog, post a classified ad, chat with friends, organize an event, conduct a poll, read the forums, and much more.

Socially Focused

SACM4M is focused on creating a healthy sex-positive social networking experience for active men; where they can meet others with mutual interests, make new friends, share content and socialize in a shame-free environment.

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